Old Perithia, ‘Corfu‘s Oldest Village

One of the island’s most unique places to visit on the island. A Village of Venetian origin that was once a hideaway from pirates, was all but deserted. Since 2009 it’s been lovingly and gently coming back to life.

The three houses that were restored back in 2010 acting as a catalyst for the village’s revival
Welcome to Old Perithia ‘Corfu’s Oldest Village

Get a taste of the ‘Real Corfu’ with a glimpse at the island’s past. Corfu’s Oldest Village was once the perfect hideaway from pirates, ‘to see the sea but not be seen’. It nestles in the mountains beneath Mount Pantokrator and its monastery (at 908m, it’s the highest point on the island).

Nowadays, it’s just 15 minutes drive from the sea. Practically abandoned in the 1960s, but since 2010 the village has risen again from c. 15% restored or in process, to over 35% + today.

Julia Bradbury, Greek Islands, with Julia Bradbury ITV Jan 2020 episode 2 featured Mark & Saskia an Anglo-Dutch couple who have been the catalyst for the village gently coming back to life since 2009.

Nature – Walks – History – Heritage – Venetian Architecture – Bees – Honey and 5 tavernas.

A Designated Area of Natural Beauty under Heritage Protection

A Potted History | 1357 to 2021

This historic ‘Heritage Protected’ village of Paleá (Old) Períthia is situated in the north-east corner of the island, just beneath the highest mountain, Mount Pantokrator. It is the oldest permanently inhabited settlement in Corfu, with records dating back to the 14th century. Once the wealthiest village on the island, by the mid 17th century there were 130 houses of Venetian origin, built entirely by hand surrounded by 8 churches. Originally the village acted as a hideaway from pirate attacks on the island during summer months, ‘to see the sea but not be seen‘. Then in the 1960s with the onset of tourism the inhabitants drifted back down to the coast. From 2009 until today, as the village begun its journey back to life, it continues to be loved by locals & visitors alike. As night falls, a gentle peace descends over the village, and there beneath the unpolluted night sky nestled in the palm of the island’s highest mountain, is silence. Only occasionally interrupted by the lullaby of natures song.

Scroll through our gallery above & catch a glimpse of what’s in store [photo credits & copyright 2009-2021 Mark Hendriksen | & HendriksenPublishing].

Press & PR about Old Perithia

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence from 2015-2021. ‘Best Places to Visit on Corfu’ Telegraph Travel. Virtuoso Life. BA Highlife. The Independent Indy Travel. DK Eyewitness Guide. The Rough Guide. Fodor’s . Lonely Planet. London Evening Standard, MTV Travel. House & Garden. GREC14N. Woman&Home. Hotel Guru. Sunday Times Travel. Expedia. TrufflePig. Libro d’Oro. Mr Hudson Explores. Jamie Magazine. Brigitte Magazine. Culture Trip. The Financial Times. Norwegian Airlines. Atlas Obscura. Trivago Business. Thomas Cook ‘Recommends’. EasyJet Magazine. Reise Knowhow Guide. As featured on ITV 2012 Corfu ‘A Tale of Two Islands’ & 2020 ‘Greek Island’s with Julia Bradbury’

Click here for past, present & future press & media coverage, updates about the village, latest news & the continuing journey back to life… ‘Experience Old Perithia’s Magical Past and its vision for the Future.’

Driving to the Village?

It’s best to get to Old Perithia via the coastal road as Google and other mapping apps may take you on an unsuitable road for anything but a capable 4+4 vehicle so you may get stuck. To get to Old Perithia there’s a turn towards the village off the coastal road between Kassiopi and Acharavi.

The turn just opposite ‘Ice Dreams’ so look out for that and head through New Perithia, Loutses and straight on to Old Perithia. It takes about 15 minutes from Ice Dreams to the village. Then park up away from the old houses… Thank you!!

Old Perithia Corfu 49081 Greece

Please do not drop litter & if you need to go to the toilet, simply ask in any taverna & please just give them a euro, or buy some drinks, to help them with their costs and to help keep the village tidy.

Old Perithia was recently featured in the 2020 series episode 2 by ITV/TwoFour ‘Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury’ click here to watch the episode

Maria’s Fairytale | Old Perithia & the B&B that under the previous owners (Mark & Saskia) back in 2009 was the catalyst to the village’s ongoing revival copyright Roula Rouva Real Estate 2020
Spring | Summer Old Perithia, remains of the historic look-out tower and the land adjacent to Skordilis Mansions copyright Mark Hendriksen Publishing
Corfu ‘A tale of two islands’ 2012 ITV Episode 2 Old Perithia & The original restorers & owners of The Merchant’s House B&B and catalyst for the village’s return to life. “Mark & Saskia are one step closer to bringing life back to an abandoned village.”
see how it all began… clips about Old Perithia & the B&B start at 09mins 08 seconds & 18 minutes 08 seconds