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Welcome to Old Perithia

Filming for ITV’s Mamma Mia! series took place in Old Perithia today 17th June 2023: [Palia Perithia] The village also recently featured in ITV’s ‘Greek Island’s with Julia Bradbury’… The Guide to the History & self-guided tour of the village is available at etsy.
“The iconic Mamma Mia! which highlighted Greece so much and enchanted the viewers in its cinematic and theatrical expression, is becoming a television program entitled Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream, by FremantleMedia Limited and executive produced by the UK’s Picky Productions.
Part of the filming of the television program is taking take place on the island of Corfu.
In particular, from May 10th to June 15th, filming is taking place in public areas of North Corfu, offering an excellent opportunity to make places of infinite natural beauty and communities and settlements of the area widely known abroad, resulting in their tourism promotion. and development.
In detail, filming is planned at Agios Spyridon beach, Limenas Kouloura, Palia Perithia [Old Perithia], the White House in Kalami, the port of Kassiopi, Agios Stefanos Sinion, Astrakeris beach, Arilla beach and the port of Imerolia, always with respect to monuments, archaeological sites, historical sites and other important landmarks.”

April 2023: For fans of Greek Cooking, specially Corfiot recipes, Anastasia Miari’s second book ‘YiaYia’ is out soon, buy it here… YiaYia

From Paleokastritsa to Old Perithia: The Ultimate Corfu Bucket List ‘For a glimpse into the past, Old Perithia is an unmissable destination. With its restored houses, reminiscent of times long gone, a few quaint restaurants, and the tranquility of its natural surroundings, the village is a testament to the island’s rich cultural heritage.”

Old Perithia – A Glimpse into the Past… “Old Perithia was permanently abandoned by its inhabitants in the 1960s, when the last families settled in the coastal areas below it. However, despite being abandoned by the people of Corfu, […thanks to the investment, support, promotion, press & pr of an Anglo-Dutch couple, Mark & Saskia, back in 2010 + publication of ‘The Official Guide & Self-walking tour’] today it adorns many pages of Greek and foreign magazines, which rank it among the most attractive destinations, not only in Greece, but also in Europe.” article by My Kerkyra

Welcome to 2023… we look forward to welcoming you to Old Perithia in the upcoming year. Don’t forget to pick up the Walking Guide, Tour and History of Old Perithia before your visit.

TRAVEL | NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 16th March 2023 by Zoe McIntyre
Alternative Corfu, from deserted beaches to wild backroads
“I finish for the night in Old Perithia, the oldest village on the island, high on the northeast coast. In the 1300s, this lofty hinterland kept locals safe from pirate raids, but when tourism hit, the villagers abandoned it for the coast. Today, it’s bouncing back from near-extinction and many of the 130 or so stone house ruins are gradually being brought back to life.” [The Merchant’s House today, was from an original restoration of three ruins back in 2010 and acted as the catalyst for the village’s revival by Mark & Saskia Hendriksen-Bosch.]

Secret: If you look carefully at the front gate of the now, ‘guesthouse’ at The Merchant’s House, you can see the initials M&S that were designed by the blacksmith after Mark & Saskia’s engineer secretly added them as a thank you to them both for their taking the leap of faith to revive Old Perithia and restoring the three properties that are now there for visitors to stay in, and 99% unchanged from how they were when they sold them back in 2021, both inside and out.

AllTrails offer some great walks in and around Old Perithia, and you can find our suggestions on this site too [Stay Eat Do See] meanwhile check the alltrails link… for Perithia + Pantokrator.

OLD PERITHIA, THE COMEBACK by Greece Confidential


Old Perithia was declared a Historic Monument due to its remarkable Venetian architecture, but remained almost uninhabitable. Nevertheless, since 2010 a change have been occurred. Sitting at the neat flowery yards of the few remaining taverns, Corfiots and foreigners alike, enchanted by the aura from the village’s past, are listening carefully its historic whispers, *while an Englishman Mark, with his Dutch wife Saskia, restored three houses and established an exemplary B&B [the first on the island], thus instigating others to join them in a genuine escape.

“By chance and proving that small world theory, we bumped into Mark Hendriksen, a publisher from London who has worked with his wife Saskia to restore the village’s buildings and protect its storied heritage.” March 2023 Thanks to the talented food critic, David J Constable, for this recent flashback on Instagram about Old Perithia and its tavernas, at the time Capricorn, which is now Evdokia and under new ownership since 2021… Click the link to read the full article:

Restaurant Guru Award Old Perithia Feb 2023

The TV show that ‘almost’ happened… back in 2016 Old Perithia, CORFU – But, at least we got to rehang the church bell at St. Spyridon Church [right of picture] and film with some great tv stars.


C5 orders Corfu Cookery School from Twofour – Televisual

Channel 5 has commissioned Corfu Cookery School(w/t), a new 6×60-min travelogue series

As the 2022 season draws to a close, Old Perithia once again makes the Top 10 Things to Do on Corfu – at no. 8

OLD PERITHIA, CORFU: A COMPLETE GUIDE by mynomaddiction Nov 2022

A potted history and complete guide of Old Perithia.

“Many attribute the restoration of Old Perithia to the original restorers and owners of the *Merchant’s House, a bed and breakfast that allowed tourists to stay in the village for the first time.” [Mark & Saskia Hendriksen Bosch*]

Like this? For the whole story… buy The official Guide to Old Perithia, a history & self-guided walking tour of Corfu’s Oldest Village, available on etsy.

Old Perithia, whose revival is accredited to Mark & Saskia Hendriksen-Bosch

12 years on Old Perithia now has 3 Million + views on Google per year and growing… Since bringing the village of Old Perithia gently back to life since 2010, and all the publicity, press and pr + publishing ‘The Official Guide to Old Perithia, the History & self-guided tour’ we are delighted to now average over 250,000+ views per month on our Google page… that’s 3 million views a year, from a handful back in 2010. It’s been a very busy year on the island in 2022 and ‘the village itself ‘Corfu’s Oldest Village‘ continues to grow. There’s a new local shop, more properties being restored, a taverna under new management and there’s lots in the pipeline. Thank you to all our visitors for your support. You can also still buy the book about Old Perithia’s history + a self-guide walking tour on etsy [click here].

Greek Reporter 30 September 2022. Old Peritheia Corfu’s Oldest Historic Village.

“Since 2010, the village has begun coming alive once again…” The article discusses the history and its revival since 2010 when a couple bought & restored three properties, wrote the book about the village and then helped bring life and further restorations back. That and the press and pr they created has put the village firmly at the top of Corfu’s most popular attractions, ensuring its future for visitors and local alike. Read the full article here.

Top 20 Things to Do in Corfu 2022

19. Walk in the old village of Perithia

Old Perithia is considered to be Corfu’s oldest village and is located on the flanks of Mount Pantokrator. Walk around the 14th-century houses and churches, enjoy the view and peacefulness of the place… If you are lucky, you might encounter its only resident: a friendly fox, usually walking around the village at sunset! There are a few tavernas (Greek restaurants) where you can enjoy an excellent lunch or dinner in a beautiful setting, and think about how sweet life is……/

The medieval village of Corfu that was deserted in the 50s and is being repopulated. Old Perithia 2022: The medieval village of Corfu that was deserted in the 50s and is being repopulated, due to the role of an Anglo-Dutch couple [2010]. The Old Perithea was built during the Middle Ages, but has been occasionally inhabited since ancient times. … Read the whole article:

ONEMAN August 5th 2022 Corfu: Alternative holidays on the island. “You travel back in time to Palia Perithia, a ruined village in a green landscape, with stone houses of Venetian architecture and narrow cobblestone streets. In Kassiopi, the large fishing village, you will find several places for entertainment and fish restaurants. On the fifteenth of August there is even a big festival.”

In2Life August 12th 2022 The Best of Corfu: “In Old Perithia, you will come face to face with the oldest settlement of the island, an abandoned Venetian village with stone-paved alleys of mansions surrounded by nature that claims its share against human intervention.”

Glow August 2nd 2022, Christina Martini of Ancient Greek Sandals welcomes us to her personal base in Corfu... Favourite places: The beaches of Erimitis in northern Corfu, an area of ​​unique biodiversity in Greece, with wild nature and turquoise waters. Unfortunately, it will not exist for long, because a marina and hotel complex are being built. Old Perithia, a ruined mountain village, perfect for walks that end in its taverns.

‘A very different Corfu awaits up in Old Perithia, a Venetian-era village in the shadow of Mount Pantokrator, abandoned in the 1950s. A crumble of ruins peppered with wildflowers, the village is slowly returning to life.’ From an Article in ‘The Times” 18th August 2022… about the village and the catalyst of the restorations to create the island’s first b&b back in 2011, which led to the village, ‘coming back to life’ and whose subsequent sale in 2021, and then new ownership, set a new price benchmark for the ‘abandoned village’ and has continued to secure and preserve the future of Old Perithia for years ahead. 👍🏻🙏❤️

September 19th – 25th 2022 | Corfu, GREECE

The 2022 Corfu Literary Festival 19th – 25th September 2022 Corfu, Greece, with an amazing line up of speakers & cricketers in the perfect location. Book now to avoid disappointment click here to discover all you need to know:

No. 8 in the Top Ten Attractions on Corfu: Old Perithia 2022 on TripAdvisor, for another year in a row,,,

One of the advantages of eating in the village is the local dishes, at local prices… summer 2022

Walk, explore, discover, eat, repeat!

One of Corfu’s Top Attractions since 2016 – 2022 and onwards… 😉

Greek Reporter ‘The Best Places to Visit on Your First Trip to Greece’ | July 2022 Corfu

While on Corfu, don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to visit Palea Perithia, the Venetian-era village hidden in the north slope of island’s Mount Pantokrator to be transported back in time. The village, which was abandoned after the 1960’s, has undergone many restoration projects since 2010, including the restoration of the 14th-century church of Agios Iakovos O Persis which you see as you approach the village… visit:

Παλιά Περίθεια: Το χωριό – φάντασμα της Κέρκυρας που αναγεννήθηκε Ένας οικισμός που ταξιδεύει κάθε επισκέπτη στο χρόνο και εντυπωσιάζει όλους όσους αναζητούν κάτι διαφορετικό.

Χριστίνα Καλαμπακτασώτη | May 2022

Old Perithia is currently in the top ten things to do on Corfu on TripAdvisor 2022, sitting at no. 8 of 799 attractions and best places to visit.’ Added to which we’ve now reached an average of well over 1/4 million [250,000] views a month on Google.

Seasons. After the wild spring flowers in the land have all but disappeared, the land is cleared to avoid too many brambles taking over and to allow for a beautiful season ahead… Today, the weather is just right 😉 to prepare it all again. [Photos: Mark & Saskia’s land is located by Skordilis Mansions, Old Perithia Corfu where you see the sign below]. As featured in ‘the BBC’s Adriatic Gardens’ with Monty Don – the third photo is as it was when he visited In May and the fourth is a view of the entire piece of land and terraces from above…

As the 2022 season takes off… here’s a look back at this time last year when the uncertainty of holidays and visits to Old Perithia still seemed beyond reach… Corfu, “Old Perithia, Corfu Greece. How an ancient village recaptured its magical past.”

Top Attractions on Corfu 2022no. 8 Old Perithia!! 😉 2010 not even featured on TripAdvisor so thanks to all of our visitors for taking it to no. 8!! 👏👏

May 2022: Updates on the Village Maps & Signs. With things hotting up for summer 2022 and with 151,279 views on google already this month Old Perithia is all set for a great season. It’s now been quite some years since the ‘Welcome Sign‘ that greets you as you enter the village was repaired, restored and updated, with the subsequent sun damage it’s now in need of a refresh and we hope to have that done sometime during the summer. There’s usually a ‘Village Map & Sign‘ welcoming visitors, showing them the walking trail around the village and surrounding countryside + details of the tavernas and other businesses in the village. This is licensed to a couple who originally had it made and paid for + supplied the maps and details (with copyright permission to use the map etc. from their publishing company) with the approval of the archaeological department on the island, they have owned and maintained it since c. 2012. Last year a new taverna ‘Evdokia’ joined the other four in the village replacing what was, ‘Capricorn’ and there have been a few other changes too including a new shop opening soon. We are looking to erect it again this year or in 2023 – but need to get a new agreement on the license, as it’s in a ‘protected area,’ and also update the details. This may take some time, specially with the events of the past 2 years or so, but we’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile please write to us if you would like to receive a copy of the map & sign [for your personal use only. It is not available for commercial use] or buy the official guide to Old Perithia… here! Meanwhile here’s an update on the ‘Honey Shop.’

Opening in Old Perithia this year, the ‘Honey Shop‘ will sell local honey and local products.

Corfu: The Guardian Picks Thessaloniki, Epirus, Corfu for Holidays in 2022
Posted On 12 Jan 2022
Corfu island, Greece.
Photo source:
Corfu’s 14th-century ghost village – the Old Perithia – is also on Malathronas’ wishlist for 2022, due to its ancient history that is associated with five ancient theaters restored and promoted as part of a new archaeological route.

The latest Top 5 photos of Old Perithia on Google [copyright Mark Hendriksen 2010-2022] 1) 346k views 2) 123.4k views 3) 70.1k views 4) 59.4k views & 5) 30.1k views… check them all out at

UK’s Evening Standard Reveals 20 Most Beautiful Greek Islands for Summer Holidays posted on 03 Feb 2022 by GTP editing team: “Overall, there are more than 50 sand or pebble beaches to choose from, including a north-eastern stretch of exclusive villas, and many small coves accessible by boat or dinghy. Kynopiastes, Argyrades and Melikia stand out among the island’s many inland villages, as does the abandoned village of Old Perithia (the island’s oldest).

TripAdvisor Top 10 Things to Do on Corfu in 2022 – at No. 8 Visit Old Perithia

2nd Feb 2022 | European Enterprise Awards 2021 for Best Historic Village ‘Old Perithia, Corfu’ We are delighted to have just received this award for the village after our shortlisting back in early 2021. Great news for the village and the island. Thank you to EU Business for the award.

European Enterprise Awards – Best Historic Village

New Year – another TV appearance. Happy New Year to you all, as Old Perithia has established itself as a regular on international television and in the media, good to see that there’s now great interest again for 2022. BBC 2 has a new series with Monty Don and whilst we were aware of them in the village last year filming we were in Corfu town. However, the production team seemed to make themselves at home by the B&B. Mark & Saskia, the previous owners and original couple to restore the three buildings that form the b&b today and improved the village’s decline. Subsequently creating a huge increase in visitor numbers and press attention for the village over the 10 years they ran & owned the property.

In fact, the village received TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award 2021 in their final year of owning the b&b, ensuring its position as one of the leading attractions and success stories for the island. – A perfect end to 2021 and accolade for the hard work and love of the village by visitors and locals alike.

Now fast forward… we got a perfect start to 2022 for the village, enjoy the above series on Corfu which appears in Episode 3 featuring on Old Perithia (see pictures below). Click the link: to see the episode. We subsequently discovered that, the BBC & AHA who made the series, used our private pice of land and we’d hoped they would make a small financial contribution having made them aware. We felt it could be used towards further improvements, an updated map & information & to protect the land & help the village in other ways but regrettably not.

Anyway, here’s a few images from Monty Don & Lee Durrell’s time in our land in Old Perithia below. Meanwhile, Mark & Saskia have, and continue with their pr to support the village. The iconic piece of land next to Skordilis Mansions along with the historic ‘look-out’ tower (they purchased some years ago) was used as a warning post for informing Corfu town of potential pirate attacks.

Mark & Saskia | Old Perithia in THE WEEK November 27th 2021

The WEEK Saturday 27th November 2021 UK edition… apart from Boris 😉 nice mention, plus another award on the horizon for Old Perithia, it’s a wrap for 2021 ❤🙏

The WEEK November 27th 2021 | Old Perithia CORFU GREECE

Mt. Pantokrator from Old Perithia | photo copyright Mark Hendriksen Publishing

The Times Travel: (21) Best things to do on Corfu [Nov 2021…]

No. 6. Hike up Mount Pantokrator

Not one for mid-summer, but if you’re visiting Corfu in spring or autumn, a walk up Mount Pantokrator offers some fantastic hiking, with far-reaching views and a café at the top. The mountain is located in the northeast and, at 906m tall, is the highest peak on Corfu.

Start your stroll at Old Perithia, the island’s oldest village, whose inhabitants helped to build the monastery at the top.

Alternatively you can always drive, making sure to keep your eyes on the winding road and not be distracted by the views towards Albania.

We have watched and cheered on their journey to bring Perithia out of her coma, through the trails and tribulations, joys and achievements, whilst they in turn have watched and championed our aims to – firstly – remind the world that we play a damn good game of cricket on Corfu and for that path to then lead us on to establishing a Festival of the arts.  Neither they nor we are catalysed by making any money but, rather, by a shared vision to show and share our beloved magical island with others.

Annabelle Louvros | Corfu Literary Festival … ON CRICKET, LITERATURE & THE REVIVAL OF OLD PERITHIA

Travel Eleftheria September 2021 Old Perithia: “At a distance of about 40 km from the city of Corfu, there is a rare village with an eerie aesthetic and special magic, which can even make you shudder. And especially when the weather conditions favor it and the mysterious veil of fog spreads over the village. The reason, then, for Old Perithia, just 8 km from the resort of Kassiopi, at the foot of Mount Pantokrator. It is a mountainous and historic village with most of its buildings abandoned today, dating back to the 13th century. Old Perithia was created during the pirate threat in the Mediterranean – it is not visible from afar – and today it is a ghost village, as its last inhabitants left it during the 60’s, to settle in the coastal modern village. [footnote: since 2012 the village has been gently coming back to life]”

Mark’s photos of Old Perithia, Corfu October 2021 on Google … part of the largest collection of photos of the village 2007 -2021 📷

October views of our photos of Old Perithia, almost 50,000 – wow so happy!

Old Perithia Corfu | Travellers’ Choice 2021 Award Winner

The Guardian walks through the story of Old Perithia’s journey back to life… 2021

Old Peritheia the history and catalyst that led to it’s recovery & rediscovery back in 2010 with a ‘Beautifully restored B&B, that is picture-book pretty.’ Since then the village has been gently nurtured by the same couple, and gone from 12-15% restored to over 35%+. It has just been awarded ‘The TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award 2021′ placing it among the top 10% of attractions worldwide.

EUROPE TRAVEL SNOBS: 16 unspoilt places to visit in Corfu for travel snobs… October 2021 | 7. Perithia – an abandoned medieval village that is being reborn

This is a unique and unspoilt place in Corfu. Perithia was an old medieval village on a mountain plateau of the highest mountain Pantokrator at the north Corfu. It was built there so couldn’t be detected by the pirates of the middle ages, and thrived. A rich village as the old house’s remains reveal.

But after the 19th century, the pirate’s thread ceased, and the life for the residents was hash, so slowly the locals fleet away to find better living, and finally, the village was abandoned.

Now there are only the remains of a glorious past, with old mansions without roofs and heavily damaged, with some stony small roads crossing between houses and ruins. But, today something is changing [initiated by an Anglo-Dutch couple* back in 2012.] The descendants of the old owners also started to rebuild and repair the houses, the abandoned village is going to live again. of the old owners started to rebuild and repair the houses, the abandoned village is going to live again.

Read the full article here and how an Anglo-Dutch couple drove the village’s revival after restoring three traditional ruined house into a b&b back in 2010 and also got the attention of the tv, press and international media.

Back to the Future: by A Sakalis. 20 years ago I would have told you that Old Perithia had no future. Now I feel like our best days might be yet to come.” Old Perithia – an atmospheric former Ghost Village – and Mark and Saskia Hendriksen-Bosch, the couple who have helped revive it and turn it into one of Corfu’s most spellbinding attractions.: The Guardian SATURDAY magazine ‘Travel’ Oct 16th 2021

The Guardian SATURDAY magazine ‘Travel’ Oct 16th 2021
Since 2010 and the catalyst from the restoration of three ruins into an award winning B&B, the village has been nurtured back to life by the same couple and has recently gone on to win Travellers’ Choice Award 2021

Our first step back then was to create the island’s first mountain village Boutique B&B (subsequently no.1 on TripAdvisor for 6 years in a row, also the winner of The Travellers’ Choice Award in 2018 B&Bs & Inns) as there was nowhere to stay up there in the mountain and then begin to gently bring the village back to life.

In 2010 Mark wrote and published a book about the history along with a self-guided walking tour of the village. At the same time we began to improve the village, collect the rubbish in and for 6km around it, hide the big bins behind a fence, create and pay for 2 welcome signs and a put up a map and guide to the village. Laid local stones to keep cars from being parked anywhere they fancied, including right outside the heritage buildings, added some no through road signs, cleared all of the overgrown paths around the village to enable people to be able to explore the entire village, replace broken street lamps, help with further restorations, bought and managed some land and the historic ‘look-out tower’ etc., and created a rough parking area near the entry to the village.

Together with great friends (old and new) and the support we had from our guests, some locals + the press and pr we achieved aided our efforts to create the catalyst to bring it back to life.

Back in 2010 Old Perithia wasn’t even featured on Google nor anywhere in the TripAdvisor rankings… so having achieved the Travellers” Choice Award for our B&B in 2018 – it’s absolutely brilliant news that this year we have achieved ‘The TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice for Old Perithia 2021′ making it one of the top 10% of attractions worldwide, and we’ve received close to 250,000 views on Google so far…

You can read all about Old Perithia at or check out our Google page. Poignantly, and with mixed emotions, part of our 10 year plan was to eventually sell the B&B to inject new blood and enthusiasm into the village, also to show how the value and love of Old Perithia had and could continue to grow. We have helped with what was 12-15% restored of 130 houses and 8 churches back in 2010 to over 35%+ restored or in process today… plus, 6 more have been sold since ours. We’ve continued as the catalyst for a couple more rave reviews for the B&B in the press (and as the first year since the sale in late May 2021 approaches, the new owners have been continuing to build its reputation). We’re happy to say it’s been a great success and we’ve certainly put the village on the map.

We’ve kept a beautiful piece of land that we bought along with the historic ‘look-out’ tower (there are plans ahead ;)) Mark, Saskia & Olga and thank you to everyone who helped us along the way to make it a success for the island 🙏 always friends 😍

Filming for the upcoming tv series “Αγάπη παράνομη” on EPT 1 took place in Old Perithia in the last week of September 2021…

26.08.2021 Beautiful Wedding Party at The Old Perithia Taverna in the attractive setting of the Old Village, the church of St. Spyridon in the background

Photo credit Alexia Kassari, location Old Perithia, Old Perithia Taverna business card design by Mark Hendriksen

15 of the Best things to do on Corfu [Swedish Nomad 2021] | Palaia Peritheia The village Palia Perithia is situated on the slopes of Mount Pantokrator and features an unbelievable number of eight churches. The name Perithia translates to heavenly and the villagers of the past centuries did their best to live up to this name.
Palaia Peritheia is a great example of what the first villages on Corfu must have been like in the 14th century. This is due to the numerous houses (around 100) that have been restored to their original state in the 19th century.
Today the village has been established as a heritage site which means it is not allowed to change any of the houses (they must be restored as they were c. 1650-1850).  
Mount Pantokrator rises to 906m above sea level making it the island’s tallest mountain. The views here are incredible. if you make it to the summit, you can not only see all of Corfu, but you can even get a glance of Albania towards the east.
The trails towards the summit are well marked but require good stamina as it is quite a walk. If you start your hike from Palaia Peritheia it takes around 2 hours to get there.

Old Perithia August 2021 | 5 more properties sold & due for renovation We hear that a cluster of 5 properties have now been sold adjacent to Skordilis Mansions (The Old School) and close by, another 2 properties are still in negotiation, This means the village is well and truly continuing on its path back to life. We’ll keep you posted on updates. Of course, to become a community once again takes time. As more properties are restored and more people return, the need for local shops and local employment increases, the need for better infrastructure follows and, we hope, the village will retain its archaeological protection and designation as an area of natural beauty – balanced with the benefits of bringing it back to life and saving one of the finest and most authentic examples of a successful mountain village and historic hideaway. In its heyday, Old Perithia was one of the wealthiest villages on the island, numerous vineyards lay buried beneath the overgrowth, the bees still thrive, there were crops growing in abundance, and there are still endless fruit trees, wild flowers, wild greens and herbs, there were 2/3 bakeries, a village grocery, coffee shops and of course they latterly grew to be full blown tavernas. In 12years it’s come back from 12-15% intact to over 35% today along with purchases of land in the village. We look forward to the continued restorations as Corfu’s ‘Oldest’ Village gradually becomes its ‘newest’ and it establishes itself once more.

Footnote: As Old Perithia sees the positive impact and boost from the recent sale of The ‘award winning’ Merchant’s House B&B (Corfu’s Oldest Village) ensuring it will continue its journey back to life, why not take a look at some of the properties that are for sale (or under offer)… Be part of the History & Become a part of the Future.

Greek Reporter 3rd July 2021: The Best Places to Visit on Your First Trip to Greece featuring Old Perithia Corfu
“The village, which was abandoned after the 1960’s, has undergone many restoration projects since then – including the restoration of the 14th-century church of Agios Iakovos O Persis which you see as you approach the village.” [Old Perithia, on a journey back to life since 2010…]

June 30th 2021 ‘The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury‘, episode 2, Corfu & Old Perithia. Following on from yesterday’s Press Release about the historic village of Old Perithia, Corfu… Tonight on ITV at 8pm Julia Bradbury visits Old Perithia and sees how the village is gently coming back to life. Watch the episode here available for 1 month from 30th June 2021 {certain regions].

My Kerkyra Travel Magazine – Thanks to the investment and restoration of three ruined houses and press attention created by an Anglo-Dutch couple who helped revive the village and built the island’s first mountain Boutique B&B it has met with international attention and now ranks as one of the top attractions on Corfu. To quote, “Despite being abandoned by the people of Corfu, today it adorns many pages of Greek and foreign magazines, which rank it among the most attractive destinations, not only in Greece, but also in Europe.” Please note it is not a UNESCO Heritage site but is ‘A Designated Area of Natural Beauty’ and a ‘Heritage Protected Village.’

Press Release Old Perithia Corfu Pressat 29 June 2021
As the UK looks to agree a Vaccine Passport with the EU, Greece looks set to see more British visitors by mid July 2021

23/06/2021 Supporting the Village and the important Beehives Vasilis Siriotis is the fourth generation of Siriotis to care for the bee hives of Old Perithia. Since the old couple, who had lived in Old Perithia all of their lives, passed away a few years ago, Vasilis practically became the sole custodian of the village’s homes for over 15 million of the many millions of bees. You can visit his beehives and buy the purest honey as well as other products created with the same love and care he gives to his bees. As a thank you for all he does for the village, our editor designed a flyer for him and so when you visit do look out for it and pick up a copy! [see the pre print pages below for a sneak preview! 😉 ]

We endeavour to help the village wherever possible, so, apart from the Village ‘Map and Sign’ + the ‘Welcome’ sign (both due to be updated soon) our editor has done business cards and all sorts of designs for a number of people. A while back was the flyer (and card) for The Old Perithia Taverna… take a look below, and see if you can spot them when you visit. It’s so important to preserve the history, past, present and future, so these flyers help to achieve that and inform visitors about Old Perithia too.

‘Two villages in Corfu are an absolute Dream’ 20/06/2021 Kerkyra Simera | Corfu Today article

OLD PERITHIA Corfu is undoubtedly one of the most popular, beautiful and special places on the island. An idolised ancient village, it is no coincidence that every year it is preferred by a large number of tourists who equally prefer Greece for their summer holidays. So, apart from its famous gastronomy and the beaches with the crystal clear waters of the Ionian, here you will find wonderful and picturesque village with special features, a unique chance to travel back in time. Old Perithia with a suitably eerie atmosphere, consists of half-ruined and deserted buildings, making it one of the most special attractions of the island. Most people visit the village to discover its mysterious and special beauty, where on most days there are a few taverns open for a traditional, Corfiot meal. The most important points of the villages recent revival include the Venetain red bell tower of Agios Iakovos of Persia at the entrance of Palia Perithea, as well as the old school, all of which are of special architectural interest. [Old Perithia, gently coming back to life since 2010…as seen on the front page and articles about its revival, Kerkyra Simera front pages 2011 & 2013]

June 2021 | Pre-Press Release: The iconic Merchant’s House B&B in Old Perithia now has new owners and will reopen in July this year. Restored from three ruined houses in the village back in 2009, The Merchant’s House Boutique B&B in Old Perithia became the first B&B on Corfu with a new approach to tourism, in so much as it offered a 4star accommodation in an authentic traditional mountain village setting, rather than the ‘villa by the sea’. The original owners (an Anglo-Dutch couple, Mark & Saskia) restored the three houses and Mark also wrote a book about the village, to retain its history and to guide visitors around. In 2009 they also began their work on gently bringing the village back to life.

The B&B reached no.1 B&Bs and Inns on TripAdvisor in 2015 and remained there until its sale this year. It has received much acclaim from the press and media and inspired numerous articles and positive publicity for the village as well. Thanks to their input village has risen from approx. 12-15% restored or in process, to over 35% today and that curve is continuing to climb. After 12 years (of what they had envisaged as a 10 year project) they have now handed over the reins of the B&B to… another Anglo-Dutch couple who will open for their first season in July 2021. The news has met with some enchanting replies and responses from previous guests (see a few below). Mark & Saskia, who began their journey back in 2009, have established the village as a leading attractions on the island. They will now look after their land in the village & continue their pr & support of Old Perithia in the months & years to come.

What a wonderful surprise to hear from you today, your story is so positive and unusual.   I salute you both.   In a period and place where and when the world deteriorates and disappoints, you have gone in the opposite direction and re- created a scene of beauty with the return of life to a magical past.   Mists and mysteries, mountains and secret souls. I am glad you have acquired land for yourselves, up to a point you will always belong there, you will remain custodians in heart and soul of Old Perithia.   Every summer it was high adventure to visit you, to see the beginnings and then the lovely plans in fruition.


We are so glad to have been an early part of your journey to rebuild Old Perithia and it sounds like you have gone from strength to strength. A great platform for others to continue your vision!

Jane & Al

Congratulations to you both for every element of your Old Perithia project and adventure. From the canny purchase, to the expert restoration, the challenges of working so empathetically with the locals to finally the sale. You both should be incredibly proud of yourselves. I am pleased to hear that there will still be a little part of you both in the village with the look out tower and land, it is only appropriate that you both are remembered with the highest regard by the whole village and by Corfu Heritage and Corfu Tourism.

Rob & Mint

We are so pleased for you! Well done on selling your amazing B&B and for your stellar work in revitalizing the village over the past decade plus. Please tell us more about your land and look-out tower in Old Perithia and what your eventual plans are. How we wish we were property owners in the village, too! What fun, we’d have being neighbours.”

Nicki & Terry

It is nice to hear from you after such a long time. I am glad you are well. On the other hand, I am sorry to hear you are giving up The Merchant’s House. We are all going to miss you very much and Old Perithia will never be the same without you! However, life goes on and I am sure your decision is for the best. I hope you keep in touch and I look forward to see you on your next visit to Corfu. With best wishes and kind regards

Apostolos and the rest of Patounis’ soap factory team

We know so well the import and breadth of your achievements and the care & sensitivity with which you’ve done it. Niko would so often cite you as EXACTLY the sort of emotional as well as operational & financial investment the island needed – believe me, you two have long been heroes to us. I hope to do another “Story of Old Perithia’s renaissance” day at a future Corfu Lit Festival.

ANNABELLE – Corfu Literary Festival
Photo: Tiger, the local cat who lived in the village with Mark & Saskia, Now seen behind the counter at the Patounis Soap Factory

June 2021 | Old Perithia Taverna Update: Evdokia Taverna (previously Capricorn Taverna) in Old Perithia is now under new management. Exciting changes with Thomas & Dina now managing Evdokia and their having made an attractive traditional renovation to the property. Thomas is a local fireman and Dina an expert cook, so it’s great to see how the village continues to thrive and develop as we enter another new season. We wish them every success. The village now has five tavernas open day and night during the season and at weekends off-season. Mark & Saskia will update the village sign over the coming weeks.

Old Perithia’s journey Back to Life | Press, TV & Media reviews from the past 12 years about the village and it’s revival:

“Now, thanks to the love of these guys it’s finally getting the audience it deserves. What a special, magical place!”

‘Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury’ ON ITV [episode 2 Old Perithia Jan 2020]

Old Perithia | As featured in ITV’s new series in 2020 ‘The Greek Island’s with Julia Bradbury’ episode 2 starts at 7mins 27secs

woman&home ‘Unmissable Greek Islands’ Corfu Old Perithia

Nevertheless, since 2010 a change has ocurred. Sitting at the neat flowery yards of the few remaining taverns, Corfiots and foreigners alike, enchanted by the aura from the village’s past, are listening carefully its historic whispers, while an Englishman with his Dutch wife restored three houses and established an exemplary B&B, thus instigating others to join them in a genuine escape.” [150% increase in the number of visitors have been shown since 2010, when the first houses were restored and the Merchant’s House B&B opened with its six luxury suites.]

Greece Confidential 2020 | Reborn from ruins Old Perithia Corfu

Hotel Guru Corfu and a visit to Old Perithia 2020

What Not to Miss: Corfu’s oldest village, Old Perithia, is Heritage Listed and a really interesting place to stroll around. It has only 130 houses, yet eight churches! It was built high in the mountains as a hideaway from pirate attacks and because of this it was, at one time, Corfu’s wealthiest village.”


Cunard Cruises, Corfu “Things to do in Corfu, Greece. Whether you spend your time on the island exploring the Old Town and its old Venetian Fortress, soaking up the sunshine on Arillas Beach, or visiting Old Perithia, Corfu’s Oldest Village, you’re sure to have a magical time.”

On the Trail of Past Times – Old Perithia, Wiki Travel 2019

FT Weekend ‘Catalyst to Bringing Village Back to Life’ | March 09 2019

The Crazy Tourist | 15 Best Things to Do on Corfu includes Old Perithia

Corfu & Paxos Life May 2019 ‘Old Perithia Feature’ pp14-17

Vivre Athenes May 2019 Recommends

EasyJet Magazine May 2018 ‘Featured Article’ Old Perithia, ‘The Entire Village is Mine’

Evening Standard  Homes & Property  Homes Abroad July 2018

Mark Hendriksen and Saskia Bosch from West Hampstead lead a double life. Mark is a publisher and Saskia is a well-known Dutch voiceover artist but together they transformed three derelict properties into The Merchant’s House, a boutique B&B in north-east Corfu. ‘I came to see Old Perithia having read about deserted ghost villages,” says Mark. “It was a virtually abandoned Venetian mountain village where nature had taken over. We bought three terrace houses, renovated them and opened with six suites in 2012.’ – Guests come to walk among the wild orchids in the hills, to paint, write and enjoy the peace while being served fig-cherry jam, sourdough bread and lemonade, all made by Mark.


GREC14N ‘Reborn from Ruins’ The Revival 2018 & 2019 Fraport Airport Magazine s/w 2018-2019 [pp143-146]

GREC14N OLD PERITHIA Reborn from Ruins

Indy|Go The Independent Travel 2017 | Old Perithia: Corfu’s Best Kept Secret

The bees dominate the conversation with a steady hum that’s surprisingly meditative. “My family was the last to leave in the 1960s so I have an emotional connection to this place,” says Vasili. “My sons will have it when I am gone.” Thanks to Mark and Saskia’s restoration work on Old Perithia and the subsequent 150 per cent rise in its visitors, Vasili is now able to turn a profit selling honey and plans on returning to the mountain village and his beehives full-time.”

Anastasia Miari | The Independent

Mark Hendriksen, British owner of The Merchant’s House guesthouse and his Dutch wife, Saskia explain to The Independent, “We read about this abandoned ghost village in the mountains in the villa we were staying at, came up here and fell in love with the place.” Along with the Archaeological Society, the couple have managed to restore the old Merchant’s House to its former Venetian glory, sourcing bespoke furniture from Crete to give it an authentic 17th century feel. Not only this, but they’re helping others restore their own properties to wake them from a 60-year slumber.

Abandoned Mansions in Ghost Village of CorfU | SourceD Via:

TravlrBlog & Holiday Autos 2017 The Real Corfu ‘Top 5’

Old Perithia | Gently being Bought back to Life – Mark & Saskia [who restored & created The Merchant’s House

House & Garden 2018  – Property | Promotion Aylesford International 

The Rough Guide to the Greek Islands | 2015-2020 

 Superbly renovated old stone house, with warmly painted suites… ‘great views and a fine breakfastNorth East Corfu 


Atlas Obscura 2018 | Old Perithia’s Restoration

Old Perithia is an enchanting anomaly. One of the oldest permanently inhabited villages on the island, Perithia was built in Byzantine times, around the 14th century. Looking out at the sea with the majestic Mount Pantokratora at its back, this was once the most pleasant place on the island, and even as the ancient buildings crumble, it’s still in the running. It was the wealthiest village on the island as well, a scenic, vine-filled sanctuary where sheep covered the hills, churches dotted the landscape, and disadvantaged pirates wisely ignored due to the unfavourable vantage.


Lonely Planet | 2016-2020 ‘The Merchant’s House, Old Perithia’ 

The island’s most enchanting village is Old Perithia (, a huddle of stone houses halfway up Mt Pantokrator (906m). While its ‘ghost town’ label isn’t entirely accurate, you’ll see abandoned Venetian houses and stone arches dappled with moss. A few restaurants and a guesthouse are reviving Old Perithia….
Secrets of Corfu: the hidden depths of Greece’s holiday isle – Lonely Planet

Great Small Hotels in Greece | 2013-2020 The Merchant’s House B&B, Old Perithia

A 17th century merchant’s house in the historical village of Palia Peritheia turned into an elegant hotel/B&B with five luxury suites. A truly romantic hide-away in a historical village in the hills of Corfu… A Dutch/English couple on holidays in Corfu was intrigued when they read about Palia Peritheia, a centuries-old ‘ghost’ village hidden in the green mountains in the north of the island. They visited and instantly fell under the spell of its beauty and quiet, and were surprised to find out it actually still had two permanent residents, and also… five tavernas! For several years in a row Saskia and Mark came back and they started dreaming of living in this mesmerising village. They ended up buying three houses set under one long collapsed roof, where once a doctor, a carpenter, a weaver and a farmer had lived and worked. After a thorough restoration there are now four suites and one room with twin beds, all offering great comfort, some traditional-style furniture, a feeling of British elegance, luxurious Dutch bedspreads and a few Venetian touches in the decoration. The suites on the top floor are set under high, sloping ceilings; the others, on the ground floor, have the advantage of opening directly on to the terrace and the (small) garden. I was lucky to be among the very first guests to stay at The Merchant’s House. It was in the spring, and sitting out in the little garden, I wondered what was louder, the singing of the birds, the buzzing of the insects, or that little voice inside me that pleaded me to never leave.


Telegraph Travel | ‘Best Places to Visit’ & 3 top tavernas in ‘Best Places to Eat’ category, Corfu + 10 years top ten places to stay on Corfu [The Merchant’s House, restoration by Mark & Saskia]

HotelBlogger March 2017

When you arrive, you’ll be privy to Corfu’s foremost-preserved historical village: Palea Perithia (Old Perithia). Decades ago, when tourism grew to demand waterfront resorts, residents of Old Perithia abandoned their mountain homes to cater to the opportunity. Houses were left with pots and pans in the kitchens and chairs strewn about for time to ravage. But that’s started to change. This 120+ building heritage site is in the midst of a rebirth. The Greek Ministry of Culture and Archaeological Department of Corfu have deemed it ‘A Designated Heritage Site with Elaborate Architecture in need of Special Public Protection.’ As such, and with the tireless efforts of hoteliers Mark Hendriksen and Saskia Bosch, the island’s ghost-town is getting its second wind. The aging stone-and-stucco facades are born anew – one address at a time.


Mr Hudson Explores Dec 2016 | The Ionian Islands & discovering Old Perithia

High up in the mountains of northeastern Corfu, the Merchant´s House Boutique B&B is a series of restored village houses dating back to the mid-1600s. The houses are located in Old Perithia, the oldest permanently inhabited village on the island, and at the time of their purchase by Londoners Mark and Saskia, were derelict and in need of some serious TLC. The village had a definite sense of character that appealed to the husband and wife team, who decided to restore the buildings in the hopes that locals and other homeowners would see the potential in this heritage protected village and follow suit. Consisting of 6 luxury suites each with its own private entrance, The B&B is the first official accommodation in the village but as restoration efforts continue, the plan is to open more houses and self-catering options.


Wherever Magazine New York USA  | Old Peritheia 

Trivago 2016Inspirations from Mark & Saskia in Old Perithia  

…it’s a magical moment; you feel as though you’ve taken a step back in time. As your lungs take in the fresh mountain air, you get a pang of excitement. Things move a little slower here, but that’s part of Palea Perithia’s charm. And there’s an underlying energy here that can’t be denied. This place is authentic to its very core. That’s largely due to a couple of hotel managers who are bringing Old Perithia back to life with their every restoration, negotiation, and overnight stay. And there’s a lot that can be learned from this dynamic pair when it comes to the art of diplomacy and running a hotel. With tact and subtlety, a hotelier can become an agent of change, and the hotel can inspire the heart of a community.


TrufflePig ‘Expertise in Travel’ | Old Perithia, Corfu Nov 2017 

I drove over to Palia Peritheia to try out that bed and breakfast, the Merchant’s House. Owners Mark and Saskia are a British/Dutch couple, who, while vacationing on Corfu, had made the trek to Palia Peritheia to see what a ghost village looked like. Far from ghostly, they thought, and ended up buying and restoring a 17th century ruined building. It is a lovely place to stay, with five elegant suites, a pleasant contrast to the charmingly unpolished surroundings. And as for the village, I too fell under its spell. I went for long walks, enjoyed several copious meals, and fell shamelessly behind schedule.


Tribe Magazine 2016 | The team’s best places on Corfu

Jamie MagazineJuly 2016 | Old Perithia [Jamie Oliver Magazine article by David J Constable]

Sunday Times Travel 2016 BEST of GREECE | Corfu, The Merchant’s House B&B in Old Perithia

Telegraph Travel The Durrells and ‘Where to find unspoiled Corfu’ | 2016

Libro D’Oro Kathemerini | Restoration of Old Perithia 2015

BA Highlife Magazine & Online | 2015 ‘Six ways to see the real Corfu’

Brigitte Magazine Germany | ed15 2015 Corfu ‘3 Best Places to Stay’ 

Press & Journal Travel | May’June Edition 2015

Kerkyra Simera2011 Two appearances in the newspaper about the restorations of three houses by Mark & Saskia

Work in Progress, purchased 2009 totally restored & open as a B&B 2011!

“Now, thanks to the love of these guys it’s finally getting the audience it deserves. What a special, magical place.” 

Old Perithia | FEATURED In ‘THE Greek Islands WTH JULIA BRADBURY’ ITV Jan 2020 EPISODE 2

Since Mark & Saskia began to bring the village of Old Perithia back to life in 2010 it has featured in numerous articles worldwide from leading newspapers, magazines, travel and guidebooks |

Old Perithia Corfu GREECE Since the sale of The Merchant’s House B&B in 2021 Mark & Saskia retained the Land next to Skordilis Mansions along with the historic ‘look out’ now managed by Mark Hendriksen & Saskia Bosch along with the village maps and signs. The couple who revived the village and restored then managed The Merchant’s House B&B up until May 2021 [Mark & Saskia] achieved the no. 1 position on TripAdvisor B&Bs and Inns for over 6 years in a row… see their reviews here:

Background to the Present Day | Old Perithia Back in 2010 Mark & Saskia, an Anglo-Dutch couple began the restoration of 3 ruined houses in Old Perithia and created the island’s first boutique B&B, the island’s first step into eco-tourism and mountain village accommodation and the first time you could stay in the village for close to 75 years. They also spent much of their time bringing the village gently back to life. Today, with the village having become over 35% restored or in process, that journey continues in spite of the backdrop of the downturn in economy and more recently a pandemic. Of course, with all the press and pr that this brought, it has been important to try and ensure a balance between visitor numbers with the infrastructure and support.

The village is best suited to independent travellers to preserve its past, present and future – but inevitably there are some tours, albeit few (if any) support the village and its upkeep. So if you take a tour via hotels or independent companies, please ask them how they are actually supporting Old Perithia [vs the amount they may charge you].

Visiting Old Perthia is Free, and the tavernas are not expensive to eat in and enjoy, plus the bees and honey can be easily and you can even buy your own book on the official ‘History & self-guided tour of Old Perithia’ to do your own tour (for just €10/£10) direct from the publisher or at a local bookshop (Diaplasi) in Acharavi, located 20 minutes from Old Perithia. In doing so you can help the village remain clean, cared for and safe for future generations.

If you would kindly do a TripAdvisor review please consider that so far all the care for the village has been voluntary and at the cost of a few particular individuals for the past 12 years. Thank you and enjoy your visit, please keep the village litter free and use the facilities at the tavernas but do offer them a euro or just buy some water etc., as there are no public toilets!

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