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From Old Perithia to Corfu Town & beyond, here’s all the inspiration you need. There’s everything from walks, cycling, swimming, beaches, tavernas, restaurants, hotels, accommodation, local attractions and sightseeing.

Old Perithia & Surrounding Area

Local Inspiration Old Perithia

Wildlife & Nature, Walks & Cycling, ‘A Designated Area of Natural Beauty’

As day trippers generally arrive from around 10 or 11am onwards, Old Perithia is an ideal base from which to set off on leisurely walks with lunch or dinner at the local tavernas. Alternatively, spend your days exploring the island. You can go for long / short walks [we’ve included the village walk, Mt. Pantokrator, Lafki & Krinias below], dive or snorkel, take gentle or more mountainous cycle rides, or be pampered at the local spa. Visit Corfu town or just spend your time relaxing with a stroll around Old Perithia. In the afternoon, from around 4pm, the village goes quiet again except for people arriving for dinner at the tavernas.

Request Driving Instructions from Corfu Town

The village records go back to 1357 although it’s thought the settlement existed centuries before. In its heyday there were 130 houses, surrounded by 8 churches & a population of around 1200. Of Venetian architectural origin the village was one of the wealthiest on the island, derived from Oak for the Venetians (shipbuilding & construction) vineyards with more wine than the village could manage, sheep, goats & cattle & an abundance of crops & fruits.

Since 2009 an Anglo-Dutch couple [Mark & Saskia] began to invest their time & help bring the village gently back to life. At the same time Mark researched and wrote about the history of Old Perithia to safeguard it for future generations. Find out all about that history with a copy of the ‘History & Self-walking Tour of Old Perithia’ available on etsy or at Diaplasi Bookshop in Acharavi so you’re all set to explore the village & learn all about its fascinating past.

Please note that as Old Perithia is under archaeological protection, swimming pools are not permitted. But as you’ll see opposite there are plenty of beautiful beaches nearby. If you fancy a day of endless pampering there’s an excellent spa offering a range of treatments just 20 minutes drive away. The Ivi Spa is located in an attractive green setting at the St George’s Bay Country Club. In addition to the treatment rooms there’s an indoor & outdoor pool, saunas & fitness room.

There are some great places for ‘Eating out’ & we endeavour to check our suggested tavernas & restaurants each year, but you can see the latest updates on TripAdvisor.

Have a wonderful visit…!

Tavernas in Old Perithia

Tavernas in Old Perithia

There are five tavernas in the village. The owners are local families & the tavernas generally evolved from coffee shops ‘kafenions’ as the families returned to the village or adapted their houses. Often appearing in ‘Best Places to Eat’ on Corfu they offer traditional food at ‘mountain’ prices i.e. good value for money. They are popular with both visitors & locals alike. Not only open solely during the summer season but also in winter at weekends where local friends & families come to gather around warm fires for their Sunday lunch.

Ognistra The first taverna you’ll see on approaching the village. It’s owned & run by Nikos who is usually helped by Katerina. €-€€

Gabriel’s Steps Just by the lower steps of The Merchant’s House B&B. A family taverna run by two brothers, Giannis & Kostas €

The Old Perithia Located a short walk down from Gabriel’s Steps. Spacious seating area overlooking the village, it’s owned & run by a sister & brother Alexia & Alkinoos, with their mother Diamantina. Do try their homemade ginger beer & wine. €-€€

O Foros In a rustic setting, is run by husband & wife, Thomas & Vasso. €-€€

Evdokia is a taverna that just had a makeover 9previously Capricorn taverna) and reopened in June 2021 run by Dina & Thomas. €-€€

Accommodation in Old Perithia

Back in 2009 and Anglo-Dutch couple bought three ruins and restored them to create the island’s first B&B up in the mountain village of Old Perithia. The B&B has since received many awards as well as being featured in the press, media and tv, including no. 1 on TripAdvisor from 2015-2021. In June 2021 the couple handed over the reins & today you can still book to stay there: The Merchants House B&B.

Other accommodations are now slowly appearing, check airbnb for details.

Honey & Seasonal Tastes of Old Perithia

On the far side of the village you’ll find Vassilis & his beehives. His family have managed the hives for generations & you’ll be pressed to find better organic honey. The village is protected against any use of chemicals, so the millions of bees soak up the nature & deposit it in the honey. There are numerous herbs, fruits & food from the mountains that appear throughout the year, so keep an eye out, These include, wild asparagus, oregano, walnut, fig, cherries, almonds, herbs for teas, mushrooms, dill etc. If you spot the shepherd he may have his feta with him, which is delicious but powerful!

Vassilis is opening a local shop in the village from 2022 selling honey & local produce!!

Flora & Fauna, Birds, Bees & Butterflies

Corfu has over 32 species of wild orchid & Old Perithia is host to approx. 12. There are literally millions of happy bees, an array of butterflies that flutter by & all sorts of other insects, birds, wild flowers & fauna. It’s often described as a, ‘Living Chelsea Flower Show’ & as the seasons change so does the landscape & its inhabitants.

Cycle Corfu. The go to company is S-bikes who are based in Acharavi & provide the most experienced and professional team. Do a Mountain Tour taking in Old Perithia or any of their other great adventures for all levels. They’ve also just launched a Digital Bike Map of Corfu!

S-bikes Corfu

Walk to Mt. Pantokrator includes a free copy of 3 guided walks including; Mt. Pantokrator, Lafki & Krinias from Old Perithia.

[NB Provided by & copyright Mark Hendriksen Publishing. Do not re-publish without permission 2018-2022] Please contact us to receive a free copy to your email

Old Perithia – a wonderful marriage between history, architecture & nature.
Παλιά Περίθεια – Ένα Θαυμαστό Πάντρεμα Ιστορίας, Αρχιτεκτονικής και Φύσης.

Corfu Holiday Calendar

Jan 1st New Year’s day
Jan 6th Epiphany
Mar 18th Ash Monday
Mar 25th Greek Independence Day
Easter Dates vary each year includes Good Friday Easter Saturday & Easter Sunday.
May 1st Labour Day (many people gather flowers on this day, for good luck). May 21st Ionian Day Procession August 6th Feast of the Transfiguration, Processions during the week before & after.
June 24th Whit Monday (date varies) July (last Sunday) Procession in Old Perithia, for ‘The Miracle of the Virgin Mary’ August 11th St. Spyridon’s Day Procession
August 15th Assumption October 28th Ochi (No) day November (1st Sunday) St. Spyridon Procession
December 25th, 26th Christmas

Corfu. A Potted History [by Greek Reporter] Corfu’s history can be traced back all the way to Ancient Greece &  Greek mythology. Corfu is known as Kerkyra in Greek, a name derived from the nymph Korkira. In Greek mythology, Poseidon, the Greek God of the sea, falls in love with Korkira, kidnapping her & hiding her away on the island that now bears her name.

The myth claims that Poseidon and Korkira gave birth to a line of people who became known as the Phaeacians. Corfu later makes an important appearance in another notable myth – on Odysseus’ journey back to Ithaca, he becomes shipwrecked and washes up on the shores of Corfu, where the Phaeacians help him continue on his journey back home.

It’s no coincidence that Corfu features prominently in the world of ancient Greek mythology – there’s archaeological evidence that shows the island had developing societies all the way back to the Paleolithic Era. In fact, people were living on Corfu before it even became an island – the sea that encircles Corfu was only a lake until the most recent Ice Age caused the sea level to rise between 10,000 — 8000 BC.

Corfu became a central trading hub while inhabited by the Phoenicians. Corfu became closely aligned with Athens during the Peloponnesian War. In 338 BC Corfu was conquered by the Macedonians, & was subsequently contested over by the Spartans, Illyrians, and Romans.

After the dissolution of the Roman Empire, control of Corfu then disputed by the Normans and the Venetians; eventually the island settled into Venetian rule in 1386, & remained under their power for four centuries influencing the economy, the architecture {as also seen in Old Perithia], the fortresses, introduction of olives trees & much of the cuisine you’ll experience to this day.

Corfu became a part of the French state in 1797 after Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Venice. The Ionian Islands flourished under the French, as seen on Liston & this prosperity continued under the British occupation in the 1800’s – the British supported the use of the Greek language, built infrastructure throughout the island, & established the first Greek university, cricket, ginger beer & the import of Kumquats.

On May 21, 1864, the Ionian Islands rejoined the Greek state, becoming part of the modern nation. The history of Corfu’s Venetian rule lives on in its Italian inflected architecture and music, which has a distinct cultural fusion unlike other regions of Greece.

Today you get that cosmopolitan feel & unique blend of all of those cultures & influences, arts & philosophy, music & poetry that have made the island, & in particular Corfu town, feel far more worldly than just a small island.

Beaches in Kassiopi

Beaches & Tavernas

Local Beaches, Villages to Visit & Places to Eat North East & North West of the Island

Beach Suggestions [by distance]:

North East [towards Corfu Town]

Agios Spyridon Apraos & Kalamaki Siki Beach Kassiopi

Avlaki Beach Agios Stefanos Kerasia Kouloura Kalami Barbati

North West


Porto Timoni Angelokastro [Fortress]


Lake Korission Halikounas

NE by Car: Leaving Old Perithia travel back down the main coast road, pass Loutses & then through New Perithia (there’s a Post Office & Post Box opp. Harry’s Taverna on the corner.) Best to check what’s open either end of the season i.e. early – mid April, late Oct/early November. After about 10-15 minutes you’ll arrive back at the main coastal road*

Ice Dreams [see google map*] As you reach the coastal road ahead of you you’ll see Ice Dreams, a good landmark for the turn to & from the road up to Old Perithia. Turn right to head to the North East, turning left takes you to the North West.

Spingos who owns Ice Dreams was a trained lawyer, who then ‘discovered’ Italian ice-cream & set up his own homemade ice-cream shop. Highly recommended!

Agios Spyridon This is the closest beach to Old Perithia. To get to this beach, turn left, then almost immediately (50-100m) it’s signposted to the right. Take this road to Agios Spyridon beach. As you arrive with the beach ahead of you, Pyramid restaurant/bar & mini golf are to the right. Follow the road to the left for the beach with a small church & cafe opposite. You can also walk along the beach across an old wooden bridge & through a small nature reserve towards Acharavi. It’s a pretty walk, but you’ll probably want to turn back rather than go onto Acharavi. Also, beware of mosquitos late in the day as the sun goes down!

Selection of Beaches | North East

To reach the Beaches along the North East you need to turn right on the main coastal road towards Kassiopi & Corfu Town.

For Apraos, Kalamaki, Syki, Kassiopi, Avlaki, Agios Stefanos, Kerasia or onto Kouloura, Kalami & Barbati – as follows:

Apraos & Kalamaki Beaches Other local beaches are the long sandy beaches of Kalamaki & Apraos, located side by side. You’ll see various turns down to these beaches as you drive along the coastal road towards Kassiopi. The beach has shallow water out to about 30-40 metres & due to their size often not too crowded relative to the times of year. A choice of tavernas but no stand out place to eat.

Siki Beach [Syki] A small cove which is delightful if not busy + it has a good taverna ‘Syki’ on the opposite side of the road. Dina can book sunbeds for you just in case it’s a busy day… & they serve drinks & snacks on the beach too.

Stay on the coastal road & after about 10-15 minutes you will see Kassiopi in the distance, look to the left to find Imerolia a great Fish Taverna, a minute or two later you’ll be arriving at Kassiopi.

To drive into the village & harbour you have to practically double back just past Kassiopi but it’s well signposted. It’s a one way system so as you leave you’ll return to the coastal road.

Kassiopi Quite a lively village harbour, with shops & bars. You can visit the rather rundown old fort which is located on a path to the left just before the main harbour. Lots of places to eat & drink, including; Limani Bar & Katoi which look over the harbour. Restaurants include; Uncle Simos (ask for Lena) Tavernaki or Petrino and its sister restaurant Vasilikos, The Old School/Three Brothers is a good local taverna if you want something more substantial (ask for Fondos or Varvara). 

From the centre there’s an attractive coastal walk, passing by one or two beautiful beaches, Bataria & Pipitou are a favourite & there’s other places where you can bathe on the rocks (busy in high season). The walk brings you back to the main road again & you then walk back through the village to the centre (or wherever you parked your car).

Avlaki Beach [Erimitis] Head past Kassiopi, soon after the turning you’ll see Nikos Supermarket on your left, turn left immediately here. You are now on a winding road that takes you past a boat yard & towards Avlaki beach. Avlaki Beach is a long, often windy, beach. It has 2 tavernas the first is called Avlaki Taverna & second Cavo Barbaro (this is usually better). As you drive along Avlaki beach the road then turns to the right through a forested area due for partial development [Erimitis Nature Reserve]. Passing by Arias & Akoli beaches, small ‘off the beaten track’ options then you arrive at a T-junction.

At the T-junction you turn left towards Agios Stefanos & Kerasia. Note: if you turn right you end up back on the coast road. Turning left you wind down towards Agios Stefanos (beautiful views) & arrive in the main village.

Agios Stefanos The North East is often jokingly known as Kensington-on-Sea as it has some of the biggest & most attractive villas, including the Rothschilds’ property in Kerasia. Agios Stefanos has a number of tavernas, bars & some more unique gift shops, plus two local supermarkets. This is where you’ll find Giannis Boats* (at the far end of the village). We’d suggest Kochili Taverna also at the far end near Giannis Boats. As for the other tavernas maybe try Eucalyptus or choose from the row of tavernas that beckon you in, but don’t feel pressured!

Boat Hire If you hire a boat from Giannis, we recommend that you head out & turn left to look around Kassiopi Harbour. Then turn back past Agios Stefanos & continue along the coast, probably no farther than Nissaki – but Giannis will advise. Tavernas en route include Kouloura Bay, Agni Bay for Nikolas or Toulas (Toulas is the most expensive & it’s advisable that you book a table). You can drop anchor between Agni & Nissaki, where you can see a small chapel (Prosperos Cell) built into the rock & swim around some shallow caves. The water is an amazing blue & it’s great to dive off the boat there. PS. Don’t rent a boat from Agni Boats – their owner is extremely rude!

From Corfu town you can take trips by boat to places like Paxos & Anti Paxos or others islands like Mathraki or Othoni, which are remote, unspoilt & you can grab a bite to eat at the taverna(s). Vidos island is the closest if you want more of a day out, just ask Dina for details.

Kerasia (Cherry) Beach To get to Kerasia you need to keep driving through Agios Stefanos past Giannis Boats & following the small road until you eventually come down a very steep hill to Kerasia Beach, with the main taverna in front of you. This is one of our favourite beaches, there’s an attractive small jetty. Do remember to book a table at the taverna when you arrive to try & get a table by the sea!

As Kerasia is a dead end, you’ll need to double back to the coastal road & turn left. Travel along the coast & onto Kouloura, Kalami, [Agni, Kaminaki, Nissaki are all adjacent to each other] & Barbati… about 40-45 minutes drive from Old Perithia

Barbati is perhaps the best beach. Kalami is famous for Gerald & Lawrence Durrell’s ‘White House’. In Agni, Nikolas taverna is the more ‘local’, or Toulas is high end but very well known for their food. You need to book ahead. Both are good for a lunch stop if taking a boat, then continue onto Nissaki for diving or Barbati to relax on the beach.

Kouloura Bay This is a small beach with a picturesque harbour, a good taverna [check prices if ordering fish as they can sometimes surprise you]. It’s very pretty there & nice to stroll down to the sea.

Kalami Famous for ‘The White House‘ the property used by Lawrence & Nancy Durrell in 1935. Because of its ‘fame’ it has a rather popular taverna but the food can be good. The area itself is pretty when not too busy.

Agni The petite bay consists of shiny pebbles and a few patches of sand. Kaminaki The tiny seaside village of Kaminaki is an unspoiled treasure, a small and quiet village next to the sea, with two tavernas. Well protected by flourishing hills full with olive groves & cypress trees. Nissaki Being on the East side of Corfu the water is that bit warmer making it fun place to snorkel in the clean clear waters.

Barbati Beach Lying in the sea & looking back at steep mountains is pretty amazing. If you want to eat there go to Bahia Mare Beach & Taverna. You need to stay on the main coastal road, then look out for a small white church & turn left down to Barbati beach. It’s best to book sunbeds as it’s a very popular spot there! Piedra del Mar is also a good taverna|bar & attracts the slightly younger crowd.

North West of the Island  [Turn left at the coastal road towards Acharavi | Roda | Sidari].

If you want to head to the north west of the island, we recommend Afionas which has a beautiful footpath down to the sea with Porto Timoni (a small hidden chapel) on the way & wonderful views. Best to park & walk from Anemos Taverna. Grab a drink or eat there, its good food & a wonderful location. In the evening go via Cape Drastis [sunsets!]

We’d also recommend a trip to Angelokastro [The Castle of Angels] which was another of the substantial fortifications on the island dating back to the Byzantine period. It’s relatively near Paleokastritsa, both easily accessible from Afionas.  Go try Tomateli taverna in the enchanting village of Makrades if you’re in the area, it’s excellent!

Beaches to the South     

The overall setting at Lake Korission & Halikounas beach captures the essence of the island’s beauty in the south. Halikounas is one of the safest beaches in Europe. Lake Korission’s salt-water lagoon extends over 1,500 acres & is home to a vast array of wildlife & 2,000 species of birds, as well as some rare vegetation. At particular times of the year you can spot Terrapins, masses of Flamingos, Butterflies, Eurasian widgeons, Great White Egrets, Swans, Falcons & other cormorants.   

The Old Fortress | Corfu Town

Go | See | Eat Corfu Town

So much to Do. Such little Time. The Best of Corfu Town Spend a Day or Stay?

Whether you’re staying in town or just visiting, here’s a list of eats, drinks, see’s, do’s & general delights. We endeavour to keep these up to date, but are always happy to hear from you about these &/or any others you feel should be included: email us.

Eating Out [check back for any updates] Here are a few recommendations to get you started. You can mention it’s a recommendation from Saskia & Mark of Old Perithia & please let us know any feedback you may have on your experience to help us keep our list up to date. [Vegan or Vegetarian?] They all have vegetarian options. € reasonable | €€ mid range and €€€ high

Salto Wine Bar [Pavlos & Natasha] One of our top 3 favourites, casual, good food, wine bar-ish, great atmosphere, not too pricey – say you’re close friends of ours! Best to book ahead. Easygoing so good for lunch or dinner. €€

Pomo d’Oro More upmarket, we go there on special occasions – beautifully done, great chef (Masterchef) more arty & Greek cuisine with a twist. Aris is a real foodie/chef. Mention you’re close friends of Mark & Saskia too. Book ahead if you fancy going & it’s best for dinner. €€€

Anthos Anthos has a creative & outstanding chef, the interior is not so plush, but book the table by the window as you go in, where you can see the kitchen. It’s all very cosy, ask for a table in the middle of the main side room or sit outside. €€€

Aglio e Olio Just next door to Calvieri Hotel, this little gem is run by Giovanni who is quite a character and the perfect host. Great pizza & pasta. €€

La Cucina  Italian, along Guildford Street, ask for George & say you know us. Good food, generous portions, lots of attention & although it’s a little pricey it’s fun, George lays on the charm & is a great host 🙂 €€€

Rex We mention this restaurant is a bit of an institution & has a lot of history. Popular with visitors & offers good food & wine choices. €€€

La Famiglia Almost opposite Anthos, quirky Italianesque with interesting interior. €€

The Venetian Well Very popular & highly rated – upper end of the financial scale but outstanding food, wine, great location & romantic atmosphere. €€€

Ambelonas Unique and slightly out of town but worth the drive, book in advance. ‘Farm to table’ great experience. €€€

Etrusco Famous for its nouveau cuisine located in Kato Korikiana, near to Corfu Town [50 mins drive from Old P].€€€

Also suggested (lunch venues):

Bougainvillea Less expensive so good for lunch. Traditional Greek family taverna a homely contrast amidst the more expensive neighbouring restaurants €-€€

Yami Sushi & Asian Fusion Don’t be put off by the extensive menu. If you like sushi/sashimi or Asian food & a break from the Greek dishes. In Scaramanga square close to Hondos Department store. €€

Rouvas Taverna Rouvas has been around for a long time. Ask to see what’s cooking in the kitchen, then choose what you fancy from their traditional recipes. It’s fun with no frills but a real find and piece of local knowledge. €

Kokoria This is another traditional place to eat & a well loved taverna among the locals. It’s one we often frequent too, set away from the main hustle & bustle, good for lunch or dinner. €€

Coffee, Tea, Bars & Light Bites (Lunch) | Drinks

Piazza Cafe  This is where you’ll get one of the best coffees in town [The Italians go there a lot!] Dimitris, the owner, also serves delicious food, cooked in their small kitchen using the best ingredients & has great beers & wines. It’s mainly locals who know about this place & it’s one of our favourites. Go say hello to Miltos opposite in the linen shop & say ‘Mark & Saskia sent you’. He & his wife are delightful (and funny!) €€

Mikro Cafe In the centre of town along the path between Liston and the new fortress, this is a great local haunt and favourite. €-€€

Fishalida Located near the market (and fish market) in Corfu Town, this is one of the locals favourite fish tavernas, for obvious reasons. €€-€€€

Posiedonio If you want to escape the centre and get some peace and quiet, head towards Mon Repos and Garitsa Bay. A number of tavernas line your path and many have great views to the Old Fortress. Posidonio, no website or instagram & fb in Greek only, but it’s a gem so here’s their phone number 0030 2661 033242,. Alkiviadou Dari 9, Kerkira 491 00 €€

Drinks, Nibbles, People Watching on Liston 

Liston Cafes are all about the ‘see and be seen’ but it’s a fun atmosphere & just opposite the cricket pitch & old fortress. A little more pricey but worth the experience as it buzzes all day & pretty much all night. As a rule of thumb (if you’re facing the café’s) then the generations go from young to old as you look left to right. For a little inside knowledge there are two meeting points at either end. To the left ‘Pendo Fanaro’ (the five lamps) near Arcadion Hotel, at the other end by the Palace is ‘Kofinetta’ (the coffee corner). Good to know if you want a meeting point.

Bristol Café More of a trendy bar than cafe quite small, but often packed & noisy, it’s at the end of Guildford Street by the Mayor’s office.

Puppet A charming little tea place almost diagonally opposite Bristol Cafe + a has a small B&B.

Calvieri Hotel & Roof Top Bar/Restaurant. Even if you’re not staying there, the roof terrace provides great views & you can grab a cocktail or eat there as well.

Plous Bookshop A lovely bookshop with real character & a wonderful place to sit & have a drink at the back, if you want a quiet moment head there! Nice shops along that street too, with interesting handmade jewellery & more individual gifts etc.

There are lots of little bars tucked away here & there, so if they feel good, drop in. You usually get water, plus some nibbles with your drinks.

Things to Do

Corfu Art Gallery (which is near Patounis Soaps (below) has a number of changing exhibitions so worth seeing what’s on.

Patounis Soap One of the last traditional olive soap makers & that means real, not the 99% you see in the shops claiming to be pure olive soap! Say hi to Apostolos from us, he owns the factory, does the tour & is from generations of Patounis’ – a charming guy. He is helped by one of the world’s few remaining ‘soap cutters’ quite an art to behold.

Old Fortress A must see on any trip into town, there’s the fortress, the museum, a climb to the top, a café, restaurant, great views & there are concerts & exhibitions there too + the Ionian Academy, so listen out for practicing musicians.

Cricket Pitch, Liston & Promenade The Brits brought cricket, ginger beer, kumquats & infrastructure to the island. Hence the promenade aligned with the Palace and the cricket pitch just off Liston. The French provided the esplanade and of course the Venetians built the fortress.

Durrell Gardens In passing (rub their noses!) A short stroll through the gardens via the Old Fort with a nice church at the end (great view over Old Fort & Yacht Club) & then head into the attractive Palace Gardens,

St Michael’s Palace & Garden  Peaceful & pretty, there’s a small but delightful art museum just up the steps to the left rear side of the palace gardens. We often pop into the gardens for an oasis of calm. The Corfu Museum of Asian Arts is inside the palace.

Agios Spyridon Church The island’s patron Saint, so the most famous & iconic church wherein lies St. Spyridon (and his slippers) amidst a lot of beautiful ornaments & precious metals.

Casa Parlante  A small attraction showing life in a noble house. It’s near Agios Spyridon Church & rather a fun interlude.

Byzantine Museum A Museum of post-Byzantine religious art of the Cretan & early Heptanese schools. 

The Capodistrias Museum Set in the most beautiful surroundings and gardens this is one of the most attractive and preserved museums on Corfu. Dedicated to the life and legacy of Ioannis Capodistrias, a distinguished European diplomat and politician of the 19th century, whose name is linked with the vision and struggles for peace in Europe and the establishment of the Greek State as he was the first Governor of Greece.

The Market & Fish Market The Old (or recently upgraded) Market located in the centre of town sells fruit, flowers, fish, meat & all sorts.

Fancy a Swim?  When you’re in the Palace Gardens you’ll see people swimming at Faliraki below. To get there, leave the gardens & go through the arch to the side of the Palace then walk along the path. You can also dive in along the seafront towards Mon Repos and at the attractive Royal Baths in Mon Repos.

Small Hidden Chapel If you keep walking along the coast path towards the new port opposite Mouragia Taverna (worth trying) it’s nice to discover this very small chapel built into the rock wall literally on the tide line more or less with a beautiful backdrop.

It is fascinating to wander around the UNESCO areas Campiello & also the Jewish Quarter. There’s a synagogue where you can read the fascinating about the history of the Jews on Corfu.

Recommended Hotels in Town

Bella Venezia Siorra Vittoria Arcadion Cavalieri {Roof Bar & Restaurant open for non guests but book] Mon Repos Palace Hotel [book the 4th floor sea view suites] quite a big hotel unlike the ones above.

If you’re after an Apartment, NJ Apartments are among the better ones. Puppet is a cute tea room & B&B option and check out some of the AirBnB’s in town too, there are some great places to stay in particular those with superhosts!

Attractions close to the town {These may need a car or taxi]

Mon Repos  Achilleon  Vlacherna Monastery Mouse Island & Kanoni The Governor’s Olive Oil Tour is highly recommended [located in Agios Matheos] Agios Matheos is approx. 25km from Corfu town so maybe combine with Lake Korrision.

Venetian Shipyard Located near Gouvia, the 18th-century remains are worth a visit if you’re in the area, with the little Ipapanti Church across the water.

That should keep you busy for now!

If you glance across the page to ‘Beaches & Tavernas’ in the south of the island are Lake Korrission & Halikounas, it’s a bit of a drive from Old Perithia but if you spend a day there it makes for a wonderful experience, in particular when the flamingoes appear there between May & potentially up until early July, then again in mid September & most of October. You can also find 14 different species of orchid in the dunes. The birds can also be seen at the wetland of Alyki, Lefkimmi.

Want to know more?

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