Property for Sale in Old Perithia

As Old Perithia sees the positive impact from the recent sale of The ‘award winning’ Merchant’s House B&B (Corfu’s Oldest Village) continues its journey back to life, why not take a look at some of the properties that are for sale (or under offer) … In the past 10 years the village has risen fromContinue reading “Property for Sale in Old Perithia”

The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury

Following on from yesterday’s Press Release about Old Perithia, Corfu… Tonight on ITV at 8pm ‘Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury’ episode 2 as she visits Old Perithia and sees how the village is gently coming back to life. #vacation #adventure #nature #wildlife¬† #summer #mountains #JuliaBradbury #Corfu #Greece #ITV